Grandma's Herbal Remedies Guide

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Herbs are Plants that Connect Us to the Past, Present and Future.

Grandma's Herbal Remedies Guide explains what an herb is, identifies which parts are collected and prepared, and describes the different uses to which they can be put---from cooking and medicine, to beauty treatments, aromatherapy and crafts.

In the past many herbs were used as foods. At one time dandelion, burdock, marshmallow, comfrey leaves and alfalfa were served at mealtime. Unfortunately, many of these plants are rarely seen in recipes or at the dinner table. In fact, many of these plants are rarely seen in the garden and actually regarded as weeds.

It's sad to think how quickly our world is changing. For instance, only 5 percent of all flowering plants have been researched and within the next 50 years 5 percent of these plants may become extinct. Our rain forests are being cut down at an alarming rate while our food, air, soil and water are becoming more polluted.

This is why it's so important now, more than at anytime in history for those who share an interest in herbs to join in a worldwide effort to ensure that these valuable plants are not threatened with extinction and their life enhancing uses lost to the world forever.

In case you're wondering, I truly am a Grandma and I've been studying herbal remedies over the years in a friendly classroom setting with a dear friend that happens to be a Natural Health Practioner. As I build Grandma's Herbal Benefits you'll notice I will not only show you how to mix herbs, find them, where I buy my herbs for my health and balance, but also for my family's health. In no time you'll learn what herbs to use when you are ill and what herbs will keep your immune system up to par.

I will also explain the 9 Systems of the Body, so you too will be able to identify a health issue within yourself and family.

Soon I will hopefully be able to encourage you to share your herbal knowledge with the world, interact with other visitors to Grandma's Herbal Benefits, and just feel comfortable while making like-minded friends.

Three Important Concepts to Health are:
Balance, Harmony and Joy

A truly healthy person possesses all three of these elements. When we are whole, our bodies are in balance and our spirits are in harmony with our surroundings. The result is a wonderful feeling of well-being.

Health isn't just the absence of disease. It goes beyond just feeling "normal". To be healthy is to have a zest for life and the ability to enjoy wholesome, joyful activity.

Think of the human body as a high performance machine made to burn high performance fuel and produce large amounts of energy. The body can't work efficiently if we throw in low-grade fuel such as junk and processed foods. This is why it's important to eat organic foods, preferably in raw form, as much as possible. It's also important to know how to identify the nutritional value of herbs.

Grandma's Herbal Benefits Guide will eliminate the guesswork of what herbs mix well together, either for herbal nutrition or as a medicinal herb. I'm sure you'll find this guide exactly what you need to bring your body into balance, harmony and joy.

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