Grandma's Human Body Systems
Guide to A Network of Miracles

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The human body systems are a network of miracles. Each body system has its own job to do and yet depends on the health and efficiency of all the other body systems to protect and supply life energy.

Billions of living organisms called cells make up the body. Each cell requires a constant supply of oxygen, nutrients, pure water, and the right temperature to survive. Waste must be removed. If cells are not supported in all of these ways, they will die.

It's impossible for each cell to supply its own needs. In order to perform specialized functions, each type of cell is organized in a beautiful system of interdependence that works for the good of the whole. Some cells are grouped to specialize in supplying food to the whole body (digestive system). Others are adapted to coordinate the pumping of fresh air into the body and the removal of stale air (the respiratory system).

Because of the specialized nature of these cells, their nutritional needs may be different, depending on their activities. For example, the structural system needs more silica and calcium, while the kidney's filtering system requires more sodium and potassium. If the various specialized systems aren't supplied with correct elements, they can't perform their unique functions, which affects the entire body. As the body's balance begins to break down, various symptoms appear. These symptoms are commonly called disease, meaning "the lack of ease".

The 9 Human Body Systems

As you explore each body system you will see how the human body is very much like any machine, each part dependent on the function of each other to work at its peak performance.

Grandma's Herbal Remedies Guide will not only show you how to explore the human body systems, you'll also see how the right foods and herbal supplements will help keep your body at it's peak performance. You'll also see which herbs are the best choice for each body system and which herbs to mix together, the recommended amount you should take everyday and where to find the best quality and prices.

When basic concepts of natural health are applied on a consistent basis, the body can usually take care of its natural processes with amazing efficiency. Almost anyone can understand and follow these simple, tried-and-true principles of health.


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