Grandma's Immune System Guide
Your Body's Natural Defense!

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Imagine your immune system as your own personal army, navy and marines patrolling your body and on the lookout for enemies - from viruses to parasites. Whereas other tissues deal with poisonous chemicals, the immune system is mostly active against living invaders that can multiply.

Various kinds of defensive cells are used for different reasons, and manufacturing sites pour vast armies into the bloodstream to be carried to the battlefield. During battle and after the victory, the lymph system cleans up the mess. It also takes care of enemies that may have been missed in detoxifying center known as lymph nodes.

The immune system includes:

Lymphatic System: - System of glands, tissues and passages that generates white blood cells and circulates them throughout the body.

Lymph Nodes: - Detoxifying centers of points along the lymph system. Nodes may swell when fighting invaders.

Thymus Gland: - Located behind the breast (sternum) bone.

Spleen: - Important blood-purifying organ under the left ribs, which assists in producing health-protecting blood cells.

Each of your body systems have an important role to play in the body's defense against the ever present dangers that are always trying to invade the human body.

The Immune System
Could Possibly be Our 6th Sense

The immune system recognizes viruses and bacteria the brain doesn't identify, and then converts that information into hormones that go to the brain to activate the immune process.

The immune system works in partnership with other protective body systems. For example, the skin forms a physical barrier against foreign materials, while the respiratory system utilizes cilia, mucus and coughing to rid the body of inhaled microbes and pollutants. In addition acid in the stomach and enzymes in the pancreas and intestines destroy many harmful microorganisms.

If foreign materials overcome the body's other protective mechanisms, then the immune's defense system begins operating. This system is composed of lymph nodes, blood proteins (known as immunoglobulin) and specialized white blood cells such as lymphocytes, as well as the organs that produce these cells and the blood vessels that transport them.

We all live in a world of natural poisons and man-made pollution. These environmental pollutants, along with improper diet and other harmful habits such as smoking and improper rest, can reduce the body's ability to protect itself from harmful bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other factors, which can lead to disease.

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Immune System Supplements
Supports the Body's Defense

It isn't that certain nutrients affect the immune system---it's that every nutrient affects the immune system. For that reason a balanced diet is probably the most important consideration in maintaining a healthy immune system. In addition, when the body is deprived of some minerals, it is more likely to retain pollutants.

A great deal of focus has been directed at the antioxidant vitamin A, C and E because of their function in protecting the cells from damage caused by natural body processes, lifestyles, and environmental and chemical pollutants. These vitamins, along with the trace mineral selenium, help prevent important molecules and structures within the cell from reacting with oxygen, which often injures----literally burns-the cell structure. This process is called oxidation.

Herbs and Combination of Herbs that strengthens and supports

Single Herbs

  • Alfalfa
  • Aloe Vera
  • Echinacea
  • Golden Seal
  • Lobelia
  • Morinda
  • Omega-3
  • Oregon Grape
  • Yucca

Combination Herb Formula that strengthens and supports

  • Barley Juice Powder
  • Caprylie Acid
  • Caprylimune
  • CBGExtract
  • Defense Maintenance
  • Echinacea/Golden Seal
  • Elderberry Combo
  • Fenugreek & Thyme
  • HSN-W
  • IGS II
  • IMM-C
  • P-X
  • Suma
  • VS-C

Grandma's Herbal Remedies is under construction. The herbs and herb combinations above will soon have links for you to click on to learn exactly what each of these herbs support and tell you exactly what you will need to build a healthy immune system.


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