Grandma's Germanium Benefits Guide

Germanium improves cellular oxygenation. This helps to fight pain, keep the immune system function properly, and rid the body of toxins and poisons.

Researchers have shown that consuming foods containing organic germanium is an effective way to increase tissue oxygenation, because like hemoglobin, germanium acts as a carrier of oxygen to the cells.

A Japanese scientist, Kazuhiko Asai, found that an intake of 100 to 300 milligrams of germanium per day improved many illnesses, including:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • food allergies
  • elevated cholesterol
  • candidiasis
  • chronic viral infections
  • cancer
  • AIDs

photo of an onion a natural food source of germanium photo of American ginseng grown in garden an herbal source of germanium photo of fresh garlic bulbs a natural food source of germanium

Natural Food Sources of Germanium and
Herbal Sources with Germanium

The following foods contain Germanium:

  • garlic
  • shitake mushrooms
  • onions

Herbs that contain Germanium

  • aloe vera
  • comfrey
  • ginseng
  • suma


Germanium is best obtained through the diet.


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